ANTBLOCKER Ant Free Dog Food Bowl Tray - Sandstone - 19in x 14in x 4in - Keeps ants and most other crawling pests out of your pets food

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  • REDUCES SLOPPY BEHAVIOR AND MESS - some dogs find joy in splashing the water out of their bowl and on the floor. Using the AntBlocker helps to minimize this type of behavior.
  • MAKE THE DOG FOOD STAY PUT - It is not uncommon for dog bowls to slide across the floor as Fido is trying to enjoy his dinner. Switching to The AntBlocker raised dog bowl platform provides a stable feeding surface that your pup doesn't have to chase as he's trying to eat.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The AntBlocker ant free pet bowl platform releases easily from the base for cleaning. It can even fit into most dishwashers, on the top rack, and is dishwasher safe.
  • MANY USES - The AntBlocker is also great for outdoor picnics where ants are a problem. Large bags of food can be placed on top for storage in a garage or feed shed. Small outdoor garbage cans placed on top will remain ant free. Anything you don't want ants, or most other crawling pests to have access.
  • ELEVATED PLATFORM - The Antblocker raised platform provides ease of access to food and water which can help facilitate movement of food when traveling from the mouth to the stomach. Consuming food from elevated dog bowls places less strain on the dog's neck, hips, shoulders and joints, which promotes better posture. This is a major importance for dogs of advanced age and those with arthritis. Using The AntBlocker keeps the feeding area cleaner than if you merely placed the feed bowls on the floor. Furthermore, raised dog feeders are easier to clean. No more getting down on your hands and knees to scrub the feeding area clean. Instead, you simply wipe the surface of the AntBlocker clean.

Product Detail

  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 14 x 4 inches;
  • ASIN: B00VPY57Y4
  • Item model number: AB400SR
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Product Description

ANTBLOCKER ant free heavy duty tray - Raised pet food bowl large platform - 19in. wide width is perfect for 2 pet bowls and its patented water moat system is chemical free and keeps the ants from reaching your pets food or water

This ant free feeder is molded from non-toxic, heavy duty plastic for durability. This dog bowl platform will withstand the elements and is resistant to extreme temperature changes, providing you with many years of service.

The main features of the AntBlocker include:

  • Ready to use no assembly required - Elevated design is better for your pet and you
  • ANT DETERRENT - when the scout ant cannot get to the food, he will abandon the area and does not alert the colony that there is food available. Eventually the ants stop coming to that spot.
  • No Chemicals - The AntBlocker ant free bowl tray uses plain water, no chemicals or poisons needed.

This is the perfect at free bowl platform for any dog, puppy or small animal. Be prepared for more dog kisses as your pet will love you for being able to eat without the ants.


We realized we are not the only people in America with this daily problem of ants in the dog food. And now here we are, offering you the patented "Antblockerª Pet Feeding System" which is proudly MADE IN THE USA and after 10 years of field testingin Georgia, we can truly tell you that it absolutely works - no more wasted food. The AntBlocker has many other uses - for more ideas, instructions, pictures and information you can visit