Dog Bark Collar by GoodBoy Anti Bark Collar For Small And Large Pets With Progressive Electric Shock And Noise Deterrent System To Control Your Pets' Excessive Barking

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  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE - This dog bark collar is an efficient correction tool that will make training your dog to bark less much easier. Using the collar's static electric shock, you can train your dog to stop barking, without causing distress or pain.
  • SUITS ANY SMALL OR MEDIUM BREED - The adjustable anti bark collar from GoodBoy is the best collar for small to medium Dog breeds. It's lighter and more comfortable than other collars and fits any dog's neck up to 21 inches, making it an ideal bark deterrent for all dogs over 12 lbs. Very small and sensitive dogs should use our vibration collar.
  • START TRAINING IMMEDIATELY - GoodBoy's electronic Bark Control Collar is really easy to use. You can set it up in seconds - it works automatically and it comes with a thorough User Guide. And if you do have any trouble, we're always available for support.
  • PROGRESSIVE ANTIBARK BEHAVIOUR CORRECTION - Starting with a warning noise, the collar increases the duration of its static shock until your dog stops barking for thirty seconds. This increasing deterrent is the most effective method of electronic bark correction for small and medium dog breeds.
  • BATTERY OPERATED - This shock collar uses a common 6V 4LR44 battery (also known as PX28A, A544, K28A, V34PX)

Product Detail

Product Description

Your dog is part of the family, but their barking is causing problems.

You've tried other training and correction methods but they just keep barking.

The GoodBoy Anti Bark Training Collar is a safe, effective and convenient trainer that will teach your dog to stop barking.

With two stimuli, a deterrent noise and increasingly long static shocks, your dog will associate barking with the unpleasant (but harmless) stimulus.

With the GoodBoy Safe Training Collar, they bark less and less. Your pet learns to be a little calmer and you get a little peace and quiet.

How It Works

GoodBoy Anti Bark Training Collar is works with a high tech microprocessor that can tell your dog's bark from other noises.

When your dog first barks, the collar makes a warning beep.

A 2nd bark within 30 seconds gets your dog another beep.

If your dog keeps barking, the collar reminds them to stay quiet by adding a safe but unpleasant static shock to the noise.

The shock from the collar increases in duration through 5 levels, until your dog stops barking for thirty seconds.

The GoodBoy Anti Bark Training Collar is specially designed to get you optimal training results.

The collar gives your dog a simple, predictable stimulus that effectively controls their behavior.

Our collar fits doggy necks up to 21 inches, so it's perfect for small and medium sized breed of dog - any dog bigger than 12lbs and at least 6 months old.

If your dog is less than 12 lbs, ask us about our small dog vibration collar.

Get your collar, start training and no more barking!

As a safety feature, the collar enters a 1 minutes sleep mode if repeatedly activated, so it doesn't cause distress by continuously shocking your dog.

It's important to note that the GoodBoy Anti Bark Training Collar uses a 6v battery and is not waterproof.

If your puppy has an existing health condition, consult with a vet prior to purchasing.